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>> take a lookout side july 25th, 2011 has out there, heat -- haze out there, heat out there. extreme heat is gone if we are talking triple digits, dc department of puck lick works will collect starting at 6:00 a.m., one hour earlier than usual residents can put bins on the curb 6:00 p.m. the night before. i am steve. >> i am alison seymour if you need something to cool you off, six months to ntil christmas. >> that stresses me out completely. >> i did thinkant that because i am like -- thing about that because i am like this is the half way mark. >> talk about temperatures outside good morning. >> good morning steve and alison big hello welcome back. >> thank you tuck. i experienced dry heat i will talk about it later in the show. >> we had something from another world over the weekend temperatures a little better
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today i want to stress, low 90s decent chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms could use those this is generally a good news monday forecast let's look at our satellite radar, again we will start with radar gain showers off to the south and east, heavy rain in spots across southern maryland during the overnight hours they had a flash flood warning, but you can see here in the immediate washington area, fairly quiet conditions there is a lot of haze and humidity in the atmosphere. temperature not comfortable, regan national, 81 degrees. 76 dulles, 75 at the naval air station and 75 hagueers town. partly sunny condition, thunderstorms developing later, highs upper 80s low 90s again our best chance of rain this
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week let's hope we get a little bit before sunshine returns tomorrow more details in the forecast in a coupling minutes lauren. we are still dealing with two wrecks in maryland northbound route 5, branch avenue at brandy wine watch that off on the right shoulder eastbound 50 watch for the wreck there. >> a live look at our cameras as we travel out there in virginia delays on the finner loop leaving springfield headed up towards brad dock road back towards 66 outer loop arlington boulevard we had a car fire that has moved out of the way plenty of delays there, evening out for you 95 northbound we did have an accident north of norton on the right shoulder. 395 heavy from the belt way, there is your accident 95, more good news your travel lanes are open we also have been dealing with delays, new york avenue inbound as you make the trip
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toward florida avenue gain at the third street tunnel, 56, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you breaking news now, first on fox 5 we just learned the missing baby boy from baltimore has been found safe, right here in our area. police tell us 7 month old keon birch was located at a home in northeast. mislad been looking for 16-year- old shana boozer expected to have taken -- believed to have taken the boy. ems are currently evaluating the baby but police tell us he appears to be okay. stay see is headed to the -- stacy is headed to the scene she will bring us the latest. >> in norway the expected shooter in friday's massacre is in court this hour. we are joined by sarah simmons. >> reporter: well t man confessed to both the bombing
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and shooting spree that killed more than 90 people most teenagers. brie vick is expected to plead not guilty the judge agreed with prosecutors and closed the court. the 32-year-old admits to the killing but said they were necessary he wanted to trigger an anti muslim revolution. they are looking at a 1500 page manifesto he posted on the internet he rambles on about muslims taking over european society. a massive bombing downtown oslo killed 7 people and hours later a massacre at a norwegian kids camp off the coast. 93 died in the attack. one of those killed in the camp was the step brother of the
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crown princess working as a security guard. >> thank you. there is a condolence book at the norwegian ambassador's residence located on massachusetts avenue open tomorrow afternoon 1 to 3:00 p.m. and 10 to noon on wednesday. the weekend is gone still no deal on what the do about the nations debt ceiling. kelly wright has more from capitol hill. as lawmakers struggle to find a come pro mice today there are signs foreign -- compromise today, there are signs foreign markets are growing nervous. with eight days to go and no obvious plan in sight from washington global markets fell monday. >> we are running out of runway. i never thought they would take it this close to the edge. >> reporter: republicans are clashing with president obama and congressional democrats how
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to solve the borrowing problem. democrat catsants a plan -- democrats wants a plan and raises revenue. >> there is never any plan from the white house the whole plan came from us we laid out the framework and at some point they have to lay their cards on the table. >> reporter: with the august 2nd drop dead date looming leaders from both sides spent the weekend formulating emergency plans that address the crisis in two steps first taking the impending default off the table putting in place reforms to keep the country from ever getting to this place gain. >> we need to doublet those two things so congress can -- both those two things so congress can get americans back to work. >> republicans will have to make sacrifices and senate democratic leaders say harry reed must make confessions to republicans. all right kelly thank you
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very much. an historic weekend in new york as hundreds of gay couples tie the knot moments after same-sex marriages became legal in new york protestors making their presence felt. by the powers invested in me by the state of new york i pronounce you both married. >> mayor bloomberg marries two of his staffers ringing in the moment with cheers and applause it is pivotal in the national gay rights movement. >> you may seal your vows with a kiss. >> couples across the empire state wiped away tears of joy and proudly displayed their marriage licenses sunday dozens lined up in front of city hall. it feels nice to be a part of a historic step of progress. >> we now pronounce you legally married [ cheering ] >> couples started saying i do midnight sunday this one in niagara falls. >> everybody puts locks on their doors to protect what is
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important to them. people don't understand gay americans want to put locks on their relationships, to protect what is important to us. >> new york's governor called same-sex marriage a basic human right. >> your relationships and your love and your partners and your marriage relationships are just as bonafied, as marriages in the heterosexual community >> across the state thousands rallied in opposition rochester protestors clung to ideals of one man and one woman. >> may you go forth and multiply. that is marriage. there is no multiplication in homosexual marriage. >> new york joins washington dc, iowa, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont in recognizing same-sex marriage. thank you very much : lawmakers in maryland will soon debate gay marriage. mark o'malley read in part
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marylanders of all walks of life want their children to live in a loving, stable, committed home protected under the law, legislation we plan to introduce will protect religious freedom of equality and marital rights. new this morning prince georges county fire department battling a house fire in hyattsville the home is in 5500 block 43rd place flames were first reported just before 4:00 a.m. in the morning, firefighters quickly put it out but are still on scene looking for a cause. 9 minutes after the hour. today, could finally be the day. >> looks like it is. deal has supposedly been done to end the nfl lock out we will check with the sports junkies plus tucker is back with the forecast and lauren has on time traffic when fox 5 morning news continues 
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>> talk about luck an oklahoma woman paid little for these chinese cups back in the 70s over the weekend she learned they are worth big money antiques road show praised the collection between 1 and $1.5 million. yes, i promise you the most valuable find in the pbs show's history turns out the chinese carved rhinoceros horn cups date back to the late 1700s or early 18th century the reason for high value china's growing demand for chinese antiquities. >> really pretty i would thing that was special when i bought it. >> let me ask you this i know you are -- you like these things those are yours you found out they are worth a million bucks do you sell or hold on to them. >> sell them.
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>> right. >> for sale. >> oh, i love these chinese cups. >> yes. >> yeah, that is going to happen. >> i would just break them. >> i would be afraid to >> i love that show. >> it is a fun show fun when they go the opposite way people come in and think they have something great. i have had this in my family for decades. >> this is worth $12.99. >> you with big party poopers. oh, did you hear about that? >> big news. >> yeah, it was hot, 105 out at dulles and dw friday. >> it was close to the record, 106. >> 106 is the all time record at national. >> and not some southwest desert 105. >> let's talk about it later. >> we do it in style here we have humidity. >> like a fine drink you need slightly different ingredients. >> that is a fine start, 75
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raleigh, looking out to the west, more heat building, dallas hit 90, like 25 days in a row. >> 23 straight. >> there you go, misery out there. >> st. louis, excessive heat warning little rock as well a lot of heat building out moving back in later this week please don't think we are done with the heat yet. more mid- to upper 90s. nice in san francisco, 55 degrees. all right so satellite radar, humidity in the atmosphere. locally heavy rain, much better chance widespread showers, a lot more in the way of cloudiness you can see often with showers and thunderstorms developing, sagging into the area later today i would bring along an umbrella and be ready for possibly locally heavy rain
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then we will quiet down, 92 tomorrow and here comes the heat by thursday, friday and saturday, back into the mid-to upper 90s most of the week dry hope we squeeze out a little rain today. >> all right. >> that looks better than triple digits. >> let's check with lauren demarco with a look at traffic. >> hey, guys, a few things going on. >> delays northbound 95, wood bridge and making the trip up toward morton. because of the problems along with the volume you normally see, was a wreck we got off on the right shoulder, still activity there, tow truck at the scene trying to get everything, heading to the belt way up to duke street again you will find congestion at the 14th street bridge. 56 as you make the trip inbound delays through monassis. 350 fair oaks approaching the belt way also want to mention,
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south capitol street ramp to the freeway an accident and new york avenue slows inbound approaching ford avenue again at the third street tunnel we were dealing with delays, here on the outer loop of the belt way as you head from college park, look at that very heavy and slow approaching new hampshire at the right of your screen that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. the end is near as were the nfl players association and league owners reached a deal on the bargaining agreement they are expected to take that vote here in washington dc today for more, let's get back from the sports junkies, making a later morning appearance for us good morning guys. >> what is happening. >> how are you. >> what we expect to happen throughout the day and tomorrow, we have had different reports, the season -- whatever you want to call it the deals could actually take place
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wednesday, tuesday, do you know when things might happen. >> we are not exactly sure we don't even really care it is going to happen now we are starting to talk about what do red skins do once free agency is listed. >> here is why i ask my question is that, as soon as they can happen i am expecting a 1201 on that day red skins will do something. >> that will not be until the weekend. >> saturday. >> free agency will officially start saturday. so much stuff it is a process. so much has to happen the 32 players have to vote and the rest of them have to vote but they don't all come at the same time this is going to be the weekend before you start seeing player movement. >> all right what movement can we expect to see, from the red skins what do the>> they are go receiver, defensive end, offensive line man who knows, maybe over the top free agents on the board there is going to be movement you still have to resign your guys do they bring
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santana moss back. >> we are starting to have a little fun john becks is joining us on the show at 8:30 even if they bring in the wide receiver and go out and get william who is is a stud running back who is available on offence they will probably have rex gross man and john beck battling it out. >> that is a disaster anybody but beck steve. that is the t-shirt we are putting out. i would rather have alex smith, matt moore, matt liner >> i don't believe that for a second and first of all are you going to tell john beck about your t-shirt plans? >> yes i am going to tell him at 8:30 a.m.,. >> in an hour. >> in a respectful way i will tell him we don't want him around town. >> i will tell him he is my guy. >> i figured some body would. >> here is what you need to find out though, who he wants to throw the ball to is this a team that because of your
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little challenge to quarterback does that mean your receivers have to be that much better and they don't have that right now does that make it that much more of a key to pull in a receiver. >> hard for offensive line to be honest. they brought in you know guys who just didn't work out now some of those guys are also free agents as well. they have to improve the receiver santana moss was 32. they drafted hanker son out of miami not necessarily a veteran, could be a younger guy like wright. >> we still have coolly and davis though they are not receiverrers they are not wide receivers, wide outs but they are quality tight ends. >> if you can find one go to guy, holmes is out there and rice is out there red skins are going to make a play for one of these guys if they can get a solid number one who is younger and maybe bigger than moss that will be a huge help to whoever is the starting quarterback. >> do you thing there is anybody on the team now that
7:21 am
aside from done von mcnabb and haines worth, is there anybody that could -- could they let go or resign all their free agents. >> i think the critical one is moss. that is the big one if they bring him back now are they bringing him back as a number one or number two. if they bring him back as a number two and are able to lower in a guy like a sydney rice now you are talking. >> guys who you could see walk include rogers, kind of a disgruntled corner, they might lose mcintosh might decide to let some of the lesser guys go there will be a lot of movement. >> real quick aside from his t- shirt size what are you going to ask john beck? >> how does a guy that has one career touchdown n three years in the league how does that guy thing he is going to take this team to the play offs. >> all about confidence you are an nfl quarterback you got to step up that way and act that way at some point.
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>> they will have john beck on in a little over an hour now 7:21 a.m. another congressman involved in a sex scandal more on that. check with holly down at kings dominion with more on how to have fun at the park and support a good cause at the same time that looks like a nice way to cool off. if you stand around the outside of it, 7:22 a.m., back after this  tag, you're it!
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for the first time the maid accusing dominique straws con of assault is speaking out publicly. she tells news week she wants him to go to jail she alleges he assaulted her back in may while she was working at a hotel she said she never wanted to be in the public eye but had
7:26 am
no choice recently pub prosecutors question -- prosecutors questioned her. david wu is charged with engaging in an unwanted encounter pelosi met with him saturday after the oregonian newspaper reported he told senior aids there was an encounter last november he claims it was consensual the exact age of the girl in question was not given only she graduated from high school in 2010. in the district, second dc councilmember calling for the resignation of harry thomas junior he agreed to pay the district $300,000 he was accused of spending on a luxury suv golfing vacation and other expenses the decision settled the lawsuit brought by the district attorney general. she does not see how it is possible for thomas to serve given the allegations and settlement. >> 7:26 a.m. if you are just waking up you will want to stay tuned when we
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come back, we will take another look at top stories. >> plus tucker is back with more on another heat wave headed our way lauren has on time traffic. stay with us
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coming up let's check top stories the biggest story of the weekend in norway the suspect just entered a court in oslo within the last few minutes, bareivik wanted to speak to the court and explain why he killed almost 100 people friday but the judge decided to hold a arraignment behind closed doors dozens of reporters are waiting outside the court this hour to find out what happened. a 7 month old baltimore boy, a baby missing for four days has been found safe in northeast dc police say they found the child within the last hour at a home in the 4600 block nanny helenboros avenue. the 16-year-old believed to have taken the infant is in police custody detectives in baltimore are enroute to washington. >> >> hundreds of gay couples legally married in new york the onslaught of wedding ceremonies
7:31 am
started moments after the stroke of midnight sunday when the new law allowing same-sex marriage kicked in new york is the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. >> all right congratulations on that, can we talk about dry heat. >> please. >> i went out,. >> you are out in the desert. >> i did experience the dry heat can i tell you that you are able to keep a hair style even though it is 102 degrees >> fantastic news. >> it will burn your skin just as fast. >> yes. >> feels like you are in a hair drier. >> right but you feel like you can walk in it and not like -- >> you are not perspiring and need a shower every 5 minutes. >> very strange. but i had never experienced it at least it is a dry heat it makes a difference. >> you missed all the fun here. >> yes. >> as far from dry heat as you can get. >> about as bad as i have
7:32 am
experienced. >> pretty bad. 105 friday as we mentioned. >> unbelievable. >> impressive stuff. >> here is deal today a little better than yesterday, temperatures cooler, more cloud cover this is really mother nature presenting us with our best chance for rain around here, for the next week or so later this afternoon let's hope we get rain 97 regan national yesterday, and again that was a little better than saturday and friday when we hit 102 at the airport, 94 dulles, 98 degrees yesterday, so again temperatures in the upper 80s low 90s more cloud cover as we have a frontal system trying to meander on through. temperatures overnight just not cooling off we have not cooled off in several mornings this will be our third or fourth morning we have not gotten below 80 degrees. 81 in the city, 81 annapolis, leonard town overnight rain south and southeast pushing down a little bit.
7:33 am
frederick, 77, 75 haggerstown. thunderstorms got going last night across southern maryland. a good batch of them see those pushing across the southern portions of the bay we are left with has and humidity -- haze and humidity and clouds around here partly sunny, filtered sunshine as this frontal system presses on in from the north and west, see it there, again not a very strong front that will present the possibility of showers and thunderer storms around here i want to time it out for you it will get here earlier, 1, 2 this afternoon we will start to see widespread showers and thunderer storms and then this will fade south and get back into the sunshine 90s around here for most of the week. partly sunny skies, humid, scattered afternoon storms, daytime high better than yesterday, winds out of the north, early showers, thunderstorms cooler overnight back in the 70s in the city 60s outside the belt way winds out of the north 5 miles per hour
7:34 am
and five day forecast, hotst time of the year 92 tomorrow, okay tomorrow, sunny, 93 wednesday and hot again thursday, friday, saturday mid- to upper 90s, 98, 99 for some parts of the area by friday. that is your weather on time traffic. lauren. i don't know how great your news is. i guess it is still pretty hot out there we will try to help you out on the roads a new wreck, 295, east capitol and also south capitol the ramp to the freeway there is an accident. outer loop of the belt way, past new hampshire avenue, things look good university boulevard, heavy again on the brakes there through montgomery county outer loop, 95 virginia dealing with the accident right before lorten looks like that
7:35 am
is cleared out of the way lanes open, delays easing out a wreck reported 123 at portssmith road, 395 heavy leaving the belt way off and on past duke street then again, 56, delays monassis centerville, and fair oaks all the way to nuttily street and again brief slow downs at the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. lauren thank you so much. >> congressional leaders struggling for a compromise on the debt limit deal that avoids a market rattling default the deadline just a week and a day away joining us this morning themanaging editor of the hill. >> i got to tell you i was gone last week mid-week i said let me turn on the tv and see what is going on i couldn't believe we are still talking about this, it is 8 days away where are we on this?
7:36 am
>> nowhere. the chances of meeting the august 2nd deadline, 50/50. still 60 votes in the senate needed and the parties are moving further and further away john boehner will unvail a plan that will be partisan democrats say they will oppose that, harry reed will have a plan. very contentious meetings over the weekened at the white house and fatigue is setting in senior administration officials said we are all tired we have been at this weeks and weeks where are they? nowhere. >> so what if they come up with the deal this is why we needed time going into it. >> that is very important wall street is looking to see a deal. if there is an announced deal then markets jump but does it have the vote. i don't see any plan that can get the votes at this time i think there is a very good chance it goes beyond august 2nd, and congress will not be recessing on august 2nd.
7:37 am
markets now, down today, the ramifications are real and it is just not something we see from overseas this will effect all of us. >> yes. >> scary stuff. >> it is i think nancy pelosi said the martial may have to tumble 400 points for -- may have to tumble 400 points for them to come together. that may happen and just like in 2008 on the tarp bailout bill the first bill went to the floor, dropped 800 points then they got a deal done but still i don't know how you do it withthe conservatives and liberals, saying no cuts to medicare to sits to social security conservatives saying no tax increase. >> it is so fluid too. looking academically each day it is something different you are seeing leaders walking out at first we saw the president walk out just say i will see you tomorrow what is this about? is it just that easy?
7:38 am
is it fatigue? >> bases are important democrats are starting to say we need a primary challenge he is going to cut medicare, raise the eligibility age of medicare and possibly social security this is something conservative who is just got elected in the house in 2010 they don't want to compromise it is a difficult job for john boehner, john boehner, harry reed they don't want us to default but i don't think they are any where close to having votes to avoid that. >> at issue the president saying he doesn't want a band aid on the problem he wants a long term deal, democrats want the plan that is going to raise revenue and then keep this in place and not talk about it until 2013 t gop still looking at a short term deal and cutting spending this is the bottom line this is the problem. >> yes, the president says he will not accept the short term deal but he may not have any choice john boehners strategy is work with congressional leaders not the president, trying to make the president look irrelevant. well, no one is really going to
7:39 am
get a bipartisan deal at least not a specific bipartisan deal the gang of six a lot of holes in that plan. i don't know where they go from here. they had a bill on the floor last week passed the house, died in senate, cut, cap and balance, eight days is not a long time in the senate you have four or five days to just get a bill to final approval and once again there is no bill. >> who takes the blame on this? the president is in an active campaigning cycle right now, he is missing fundraisers, doing this, republicans are saying we are trying to come up with a deal but don't want to budge on this who does you know jim in north carolina blame for this? >> they would blame republicans polls show. and mcconnell is worried about the gop brand and things it would trump congressional republicans i think everyone gets hurt, your retirement
7:40 am
savings go out the window every person in power could pay a price, come november 2012. >> very scary stuff thanks for stopping by bob is the managing editor of the hill. >> thanks. >> over to you. >> 20 minute before the hour, alaskan survival skills course turned out to be the real deal when a teenage student stumbled on a grizzly bear and her cub. >> also the lathest on the death of amy winehouse over the weekend and take a look at what many are calling the curse of 27. 27 club different names same deal stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back 
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7:43 a.m. as we check stories making headlines alaska state troopers say a brisly bear attack add group of teens -- grizzly bear attacked a group of teens participating in a survivals course. two men arrested last week for the vicious attack of a san francisco giants fan at dodger stadium are scheduled to be arraigned today the 29-year-
7:44 am
old and 30-year-old accused of beating 42-year-old brian stowe nearly to death opening day both are being held on $500,000 bail. memorial this morning outside amy winehouse's london home preliminary autopsy results expected today or tomorrow. winehouse found dead on saturday in her home she was 27 years old the same age as several other famous musicians when they passed away including jim morrison, janice joplin, jimmy hendrick, curt cobane, original guitar player for the rolling stones while some wonder if she suffered the 27 curse, others disagree there are as many musicians in the hall of fame who died at the age of 32. >> i don't know if that is up lifting because they are all dead. >> this is a shame she was so talented, really i liked her music >> i don't tend to believe this stuff with the curse of 27 but when i turned 28 i breathed
7:45 am
a sigh of relief. >> that's right? are you a rock star? >> no, we were talking about this over the weekend. i said no, it made me feel worse i realized everything they had accomplished in their 27 years. >> i was surprised like jimmy hendrick was just 27. >> that's right they got a lot done early. >> yes, they did. that was a weird conversation. >> yeah, i was a late bloomer. >> that's right? >> i got my first tv job at 27 my life just started, any way. >> good to still be here. >> it is. >> blessing every day. temperatures and let you know, really good to be somewhere else, hot and humid around here all the time. >> somewhere with a dry heat in a pool. >> or just cooler air would be really nice, 81 regan national, 78 baltimore, let's pick a city we haven't mentioned frederick
7:46 am
75, thanks alison. 75 in win chester, all right here is a will be at your future cast i want to -- look at your future cast. i want to mention this entire week for frontal storms, not terribly impressive, cool and dry air behind it but at least it will provide enough lift in the atmosphere we may get showers and thunderstorms i want to mention these storms will get here earlier, lookout early afternoon through the evening rush hour, at 4:00 p.m., possibility of showers and thunderstorms some could be on the strong side lookout for that the whole thing fades south and east we will be left with sunshine and humidity. sunshine and a little less humidity tomorrow we will get a little bit of a respite and guess what the heat will return, by the end of the week with more humidity. 92, afternoon storms tomorrow better. okay then 93 wednesday and then heat again thursday, friday and saturday upper 90s. >> into the heat just to give the summer a bang to finish out with in august.
7:47 am
>> maybe a whole month's worth. >> thanks tucker. >> let's check with lauren. good morning. >> hey, you guys we do have a wreck 295, kennel worth avenue, southbound, east capitol street on the left shoulder, watch for a brief delay also south capitol street, southwest freeway accident on the ramp it is gone you are dealing with slow traffic heavy across the douglas bridge as well a live lookout there from traffic land see what we have going on in the way of delays usual stresses of volume, heavy brad dock toward 66, good crossing the wood row wilson bridge, college park silver spring. slows from the belt way to duke street congestion heading across the 14th street bridge, 95 running pretty well, 66, monassis and centerville, fair oaks, to nuttily and the belt way we have congestion. in bound.
7:48 am
moving into maryland let's look at route 50 as you head inbound past the belt way, to the left of your screen things looking better we have been dealing with delays off and on 201 towards new york avenue that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. lauren thanks so much we want to say a good big morning to our fan of the day, kj works at national museum of the american indian and went to work early friday to meet our own paul raphael she watches the show every morning thank you for that. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 morning news, and post a comment under her photo. >> kj just found a whole new way to become fan of the day put one of us in the photo. >> 7:48 a.m. thanks for being with us. 7:48 a.m., a big party at the national zoo celebrating a
7:49 am
big donation. >> how it will help dozens of animals here in washington. >> good morning alison good to see you, happiness is finding a cure at least they are saying that for the next few weeks at kings dominion where we are live and they are saying happiness is winning a car it all has to do with fighting breast cancer fox 5, sponsoring all the fun in fact, it is so big even snoopy is a part, come on over. we are going to tell you all about it and how you too can get in on the fun and live cause next, so good to see you snoopy, too hot to hug let's step back t fll1- [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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fox 5 is a sponsor for a great cause going on down at kings dominion. >> holly is there this morning to learn more about it all.
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good morning great to see you too. good morning to both of you i don't have to tell you, kings doe anyone i don't know is a lot of fun d dominion is a lot of fun, 75 rides and slides, and snoopy starlight spectacular. it is too hot to hug we can rub noses here. that is a good thing to do but snoopy is working overtime over the next three weeks because he is leading the way in the fight against breast cancer what they are calling happiness is finding a cure and fox 5 is proud to be a sponsor. ed coleman is director of marketing and sales. >> pink never looked so good on you. >> thank you and i have the tie of course. >> very appropriate today kicks off pink days let's talk about how people can make the most of their time and help a good cause. >> there is a couple ways they can help us out first of all purchase a floating snoopy, these snoopies will be placed
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in the fountain behind us at the end of the promotion one lucky person, individual numbered will be able to pick one out of the fountain that person will win a brand new honda. >> that little plastic snoopy could mean a new car. >> it could. >> these are how much? >> $5 or if you buy five or more they are $4. >> get them online or here at the park. >> that's right. >> we will have a link at >> great i want to present you with your very own happiness is finding a cure t-shirt. >> very good pink is one of my signature colors. >> indeed. >> at least i just decided it was. >> these are on sale at the park and the net proceeds from everything from the to the best of my recollection shorts goes back -- from the t-shirts will go back to susan g komen. >> we have specially discounted tickets, 38.99 and $1 goes back to susan g komen. >> why did kings dominion do
7:55 am
this. >> we are taking off on a park in cincinnati, kings park. >> that is my home park. >> they raised lots of money for susan g komen we wanted to get on it also ppiness and finding a cure fighting breast cancer, breast chance i awareness we feel we will be able to help them out. >> we are hoping to help you help them out as well, thank you i didn't forget this is my shirt. >> come on snoopy we are coming over this way we talked about winning a new car now we are going to show you the new car that you can win in the process you are going to meet greg atman director to have sales for honda of fredericks burg. >> this is a brand new 2012 civic vp edition and we are pleased as we can possibly be to do something like this for such a great cause. >> i am suffer you get asked to do this a lot obviously winning a new car is a draw and easy way for people to raise money
7:56 am
why did you choose this one? >> well, whenever we can give back to the community especially for a cause like breast cancer it effects so many family and lives we just thought if we were ever going to give anything away it would be for this cause. >> does air work? >> it does work. it works good. >> number one question right now before we go i want to bring in linda tiller she is the central virginia affiliate, executive director of susan g komen good morning. >> good morning. >> you all must be very excited. >> we are thrilled to death, the team at kings dominion has been awesome helping with this project. >> give people an idea obviously people probably think susan g komen has been around so long and raised so much money the need is still there and working daily. >> we have been around 30 years as an organization we are still working to find a cure in the meantime we are trying to help women with early detection a lot of the money we raise goes to mammograms for women who can't afford to have one so
7:57 am
they can be screened if you find your breast cancer early there is a much better chance of survival. >> early detection and education. linda is not going any where we will talk with her later. >> we have a link to kings dominion admission to the park online $20 less than regular admission. we will talk more about it and find out about volunteer opportunities in our next hour back to you. >> thank you. 7:57 a.m. monday morning while many americans struggle to make ends meet the situation even worse in east afterry coo. >> in somalia, -- in east africa. >> in somalia, tens of thousands of people have starved to death rebel forces with ties to al qaeda have you to stop international aid getting help to those who need it. >> coming up more on the relief efforts and what workers are are seeing as they try to relieve the deadly situation stay with us 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
breaking news in the search for the 7 month old boy missing from baltimore an hour ago he
8:01 am
was found alive and well in the district new details ahead this hour. >> the man who has confessed to the twin attacks in norway that killed 93 people will be in court any minute he has requested an open hearing so he could explain his massacre to the public but a judge ruled against that. few details about the death of singer amy winehouse plus a closer look at the so called curse of 27. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning thanks for being with us i am steve. >> i am alison seymour. >> workweek getting started we are here to help you with that. tucker barns is here looking at how everyone should dress. loose white clothing. >> for the rest of the summer. >> right. >> bring that out and -- ring that out and wash it and wear it again. >> exactly. today will be a little better than what we had this weekend that being said i am not sure it will be terribly comfortable rain back in the forecast humidity, low 90s. steamy heat today.
8:02 am
>> need the rain i would suspect. >> yes lawns starting to brown up. today is our best chance this week in fact, sunny and hot new satellite radar, showers off to the north and west, see them there getting organized pittsburgh and they will be pressing in the area, with the funnel system later today sunshine this morning, haze a lot of humidity and then as the clouds increase temperatures later today will be a little cooler, low 90s as mentioned. right now, regan national reporting temperature 81 degrees. humidity 82%, that is a combination not terribly comfortable. >> can humidity be higher than temperature. >> it should never be. >> winds out of the east, 3 miles per hour your forecast today, 92 washington. 89 mark, showers, thunderstorms breaking out early, maybe 1, 2, bring along an umbrella just in case and stick around for the evening rush and then gradual
8:03 am
improvement. >> thanks. let's check with lauren look at traffic good morning. >> good morning alison i am so glad you missed out an that humid weather your hair got a little -- yeah, it was pretty bad here. but we are still dealing with the accident in springfield, 133 ports mouth road ific say that right, over turned vehicle, south of bradock road. the toll road in bound between the toll plaza and belt way, lees burg pike approaching yula road. live look at 66 as you make the trip from monassis you will find everybody on the brakes in centerville. route 50, fair oaks, toward the belt way we are heavy and slow. belt way itself, you will find delays on the inner loop leaving springfield, past robson terminal, past braddock in montgomery county in fact we are seeing spill over here, approaching the split for the
8:04 am
outer loop, 95 southbound, very heavy past new hampshire avenue. prince georges county delays here as well, if you are travelling the outer loop, left of your screen, on the brakes, marina drive up towards 450. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic alison over to you. >> first on fox a missing baltimore baby found safe in our area this morning the 7 month old was found in northeast dc, about an hour ago fox 5s stacy cohen live with the breaking details now. any word on the teenage girl that police say took this little boy? >> well, this is what we understand so far this is an evolving story we are in the 4600 block in northeast washington a couple bus stops are behind me what we understand he was spotted at a bus stop, with this 16-year-old girl, let me take you back to how this all began it started friday night when this little boy, 7 months old, was taken from his home in baltimore he
8:05 am
had been left with his babysitter for a few minutes while the father ran out to the store that was friday night, the child had not been seen since despite rallies and posters being posted and this young woman's photograph all over the news we have a picture of her, she is 16 years old and a lookout had been posted in dc, maryland and virginia because she had friends and family here that proved to be a good decision because some body did indeed spot her here she is distinctive looking with a blond mohawk, multiple piercings the baby is okay has been take on the children's hospital we don't have any word yet what happened to miss boozer or if the parents have gotten a chance to get down it is my understanding baltimore detectiveparents are on the way to baltimore hospital now. reporting live, back to you. >> all right at least a happy ending with that baby stacy thank you so much.
8:06 am
suspect in the norway massacre just entered a court in oslo as dozens of reporters are camped outside. he planned to explain to the public why he killed more than 90 people friday but the judge agreed with prosecutors and agreed to close the court to the public they want him held 8 weeks while they prepare their case he wanted to plead not guilty and wear a uniform in court. >> norway will never be the same but the tragedy a world away hits home for many folks here in our area who survived the massacre at virginia tech four years ago. they now want to show their solidarity. >> in front of the oslo cathedral, a memorial to victims of friday's tragedy is growing the rain didn't stop hundreds of people from gathering, to pay tribute to those who died in the bomb attack, and island shooting spree, many brought flowers and
8:07 am
lit candles at least 93 people are dead, and more than 90 are wounded. residents say it hits hard because they are a tight knit community. >> just 5 million people everybody knows each other, has some relativeso on, shocking. >> and a world away in the dc region it all struck too close to home for a group of friends they were at virginia tech four years ago when a gunman opened fire killing 32 and wounding another 25. they feel a bond with the people of norway and held a candlelight vigil on the grounds of the washington monument to pay respects. >> well, when i was at virginia tech, there was an outpouring of support and i know after experiencing that i definitely want to be there for some body else whether i know them or not. >> we want to do the same even if it is something small or
8:08 am
even if it is just tonight, a small vigil we wanted to show them there are people out there who know what they have been through. i am ros later, fox 5 news. >> anyone who would like to sign a book of condolences can do is at the home of the norwegian ambassador it will be available tomorrow afternoon 1 to 3:00 p.m. and wednesday 10:00 a.m. to noon. turning to the debt talks now u.s. stock futures fell and gold hit a new record yesterday as lawmakers are no closer to raising the debt ceiling they took to the sunday talk shows to express urgency and continue the cat and mouse game going on near dc. mare anna afterrerty takes a look. >> reporter: economists are keeping eyes glued to the local markets and stock futures as the race to prehaven't the first u.s. default in history
8:09 am
continues. >> what the rating agencies have said the reason they question our economy now and the reason we may get down graded they don't have faith this political system of ours can deal in a serious way with the deficit. >> the government will run out of money to pay bills unless the debt ceiling is raised by august 2nd. leaders have been humming and hawing for months. >> we started this process 7 months ago 7 months later we are almost at the edge i never thought they would take it this close to the edge and let politics get in the way of demonstrating we will pay our bills on time. >> we have a budget deficit $1.5 trillion borrowing 42- cents on every pod dollar we spend -- every dollar we spend it is time to get serious. any solution must be a long term plan president obama says he promised to veto any bill that does not extend debt ceiling into 2013. >> the problem is the single
8:10 am
most important thing to president obama is extending this beyond his re-election campaign he just doesn't want to have the deal with it again >> listen to economists telling us all of them together, do not lurch from one five month period to another when it comes to the credit rating of the united states of america. >> he met with hairy reed and the -- harry reed and nancy pelosi. gop leaders slated a meeting among themselves for this afternoon. thank you so much. 10 minutes past the hour a big party at the national zoo to celebrate a huge donation find out how it will help keep dozens of animals here in washington >> an historic weekend in new york gay marriage is now legal more on that, and the debate about to get under way in maryland. stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back. 10 minutes after 8 l
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> it is 8:13 a.m. stories making headlines this
8:14 am
monday morning later this morning the secretary of transportation is holding a news conference to talk about congress failing to reauthorize funding for federal aviation administration. 4,000 transportation worker are on furlough not effecting air traffic controllers. price at the pump creeping up once again gas jumped nearly 9¢s in the past two weeks averaging $3.70 a gallon you can find the nations lowest gas in tucson arizona, it will cost you a little bit to get there but once you do get out there, $3.28 a gallon most expensive, chicago illinois, $4.07. national zoo celebrated a last minute donation to keep the kids farm open local state farm agents convinced their company to donate $1.4 million after hearing congressional budget cuts would force it to close the donation is enough to keep the farm going for the next five years. let me just say this [ applause ] >> well done.
8:15 am
that is awesome. >> kids love it. >> it is great. >> a great chance especially for folks in the city that don't get a chance to get out and see these animals -- we think about the exotic animals but don't thing about the more -- i guess not domestic but farm. >> you can touch them. >> cool. >> yes, nice little tie in, state farm. >> works well for everybody let's check with tucker barns. trying to get closer to normal, we just are not getting there tuck. >> tough to be normal. yes. next couple days, more heat and more humidity but a bit of a break before we talk weather alison welcome back. time for the coolness factor, let's get to it. >> i have been missing it. >> speaking of coolness factor. that looks refreshing doesn't it. >> sure does. >> time for our my first 5 photo of the day this is 18 month old zealand. >> what is he doing tuck? >> his family thinks this could
8:16 am
be the start of a soft drink ad. >> i agree. >> so good you just want to pour it all on you. endorsed by babies everywhere. >> he looks like he definitely is cooling off. >> yeah. >> he hasn't gotten the hang of it. >> much better for the 18 month old to pour it on himself than drink it. might not be the ideal marketing campaign but sure a cute picture. >> sure is. >> oh, i like the music too. we are moving to day. >> i want to do jazz hands over here. >> send your childs picture at click on mornings. >> you are going to need a soda to stay cool, back in the 90s. 81 regan national, 76 cincinnati, a little better off north and west minneapolis,
8:17 am
dallas, 85, above 90, 23 days in a row little rock 76, st. louis 75, heat will build once again, out to the west that will move in a little later, by wednesday, thursday, by friday right back into the upper 90s. 56 the cool spot san francisco. all right satellite radar, mostly quiet conditions to start your morning, things will change by early afternoon showers and thunderstorms will approach from the north and west see those developing north and west, pittsburgh and that is a frontal system which will bring slightly dryer air tomorrow can't guarantee cooler but at least a little drier and today with the cloud cover around even though we have a lot of humidity highs will only be in the low 90s a little better than yesterday, when we hit 97 here is your forecast today, 92, afternoon storms developing a good chance of them too. bring along an umbrella, 92 tomorrow, 93 sunday and upper 90s thursday, friday and saturday not done with the heat
8:18 am
yet as we end july. >> that is a look at weather your traffic. lauren. a little baby was really cute. >> adorable. >> well, we have a couple things going on travelling the belt way in college park you are going to find things heavy and slow let's take a live lookout there making the trip before 95, past new hampshire avenue, look at that to the right of your screen delays continue, before the pace starts to improve coalville road heavy approaching the belt way, connecticut, find delays, inbound approaching east west highway let's head out to traffic land see what we have worning there northbound, 395, -- working there, northbound, 395, duke street on the right shoulder delays off and on from the belt way then find congestion getting across the 14th street bridge as well. we've also got reports of a wreck, 50, arlington boulevard, eastbound prosperity avenue, single file right, delays fairfax circle, 66 lows
8:19 am
monassis. route 50 fair oaks, towards nuttily, off and on towards the belt way. steve back to you. >> thank you very much from niagara falls to manhattan gay couples lining up to say i do in new york same-sex marriage officially became legal at the stroke of midnight sunday hundreds flocked to the altar to be one of the first to tie the knot new york legislature passed the his touric law -- historic law. lawmakers in maryland will soon debate gay marriage joining us to talk about that, hikele coal schwartz from the human rights campaign. michael thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> we saw what happened in new york maryland had these discussions before last time it passed the senate didn't make it through the house of delegates what may be different this time around? >> we have a tremendous amount of energy and momentum coming
8:20 am
out of new york and we hope to see that reflected in maryland like you said we fell short last time, everyone is committed to a stepped up effort we saw so much joy in new york we saw loving committed couples who wanted to make that life long commitment to each other that is what maryland families want and what we want the legislature to provide for them. >> there are some that still stall this in the legislature that still have to be convinced this is the way for maryland to move forward what do you say to them how do you try to convince them this is what should happen. >> this is the main stream issue something we are seeing nationally, more than half of americans believe gay and lesbian couples should be able to make that life long commitment to each other we are seeing the same polls in maryland over 50% and what we saw from new york is that a republican lead legislature put marriage equality in place there all factors are moving in the direction of full equality for couples we would like to see maryland follow suit.
8:21 am
>> this were stipulations in the new york law as you mentioned republican legislature the more conservative members wanted to see protections put in place i know there has been talk about that in maryland is that what is in the works for maryland? might that help push it through? >> absolutely we thing religious exception is important people need to understand this is about civil marriage equality, about gay and lesbian couple going to city hall and getting a marriage license just like any other couple would and no impact on what religious organizations do they don't have to perform marriages they don't have to recognize them this is solely in the eyes of the government so, as we move forward, a religious exception is something we support and will be part of the legislation. >> there are some that no mat wear you do and say are still -- matter what you do and say are still going to be against this. what do you say to those people how do you deal with them if you know they are always going to be there. >> absolutely the couples in maryland, thousands of gay and lesbian couples just want to make a life long commitment
8:22 am
that every other couple makes and that doesn't take away from anyone else's marriage we hope that while there are strong feelings about this issue, that we can recognize couples living their lives, getting a civil marriage license, not going to harmony one, not going to effect anyone else's life just as we have seen in the states that have legalized marriage equality life moves on these couples are more safe and secure and families are stronger. >> does it make it secure, granted these are state laws when you look at the state in the northeast, you have cities in the northeast, new york city washington dc what is happening in massachusetts when more big cities urban areas come onboard does it make it easier for others to fall in line. >> iowa has marriage equality, gay and lesbian couples are living in iowa married and now in new york. you are seeing this is something no matter where you live or what kind of area it is, this is good for families it is good to strengthen their
8:23 am
relationships make -- allow them to make life long commitments and protect the children they might have or protect the family make sure they are safe. >> you in your organization have been pushing for this to happen in maryland when do you see it happening? do you see it happening for sure? when? >> i think this is going to happen the question is obviously when we saw great leadership from governor o'malley who said he wants to make this a priority he is going to step up his game just as a strong coalition of groups that has formed in maryland will step up their game to make this happen as well. >> best wishes alison back to you. >> 8:23 a.m., 81 degrees on monday morning another congressman involved in a sex scandal more on that. >> then later we will check back with holly morris live at kings dominion with more on how you can have fun at the park while supporting a great cause snoopy says it is a good thing. stay with us we will be right back 
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so we made ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail with a splash of lime. it's so refreshing, your taste buds will thank you. mm... oh, you're welcome. what? my taste buds -- they're thanking me. uh-huh. for the first time the maid accusing dominic strauss-kahn of assault is speaking out publicly. she tells news week she wants the former imf chief to go to
8:27 am
jail she alleges he sexually assaulted her while she was working at a manhattan hotel back in may she told abc news she never wanted to be in the public eye but had no choice. recently prosecutors questioned her credibility. >> nancy pelosi wants an investigation into the report of congressman david wus unwanted sexual encounter the oregonian reported he told senior aids this was an encounter last november but it was consensual we don't know how old the girl is only she graduated from high school last year. >> in dc another councilmember is calling for hairy thomas junior to step down on friday thomas agreed to pay back $300,000 to the district, he is accused of spending the money on a luxury suv and golfing vacation, over the weekend,
8:28 am
marry chay said she hopes thomas will seriously consider resigning. 8:28 a.m. on monday morning while many americans struggle to make ends meet the situation is far worse in east africa. >> in somalia, tens of thousands have starved to death, rebel forces with ties to al qaeda vow to stop international aid from getting to those who need it. more on relief efforts and what workers are saying as they try to relieve the deadly situation, 8:28 a.m., stay with us aaaaaaaaaaaaaag
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
making headlines president obama addressing immigration issue, speaking to a civil rights group, they are holding their annual conference in washington. >> some of the latino community criticize the president for not tackling immigration reform.
8:32 am
>> after more than a century walter reed medical center will hold closing ceremonies this wednesday it is moving to the national naval medical center in bethesda the transfer is expected to be complete by mid- september. renewal and remembrance project will be held at arlington national cemetery, 200 volunteer landscapers are helping beautify the grounds, mulching, pruning, liming and planting trees. >> going to be tough to do that work in the heat but better than the last couple days. >> a lot better, 10 degrees should feel better for you. good chance of showers and thunderstorms, look at the work during the morning hours. >> cool things down later. >> yeah, it will but also make things steamy. >> sticky. >> that will be the word. let's get to the maptalk about yesterday's high temperature and yesterday, hey, things a little better 97 the afternoon high regan national funny how hot it has been when
8:33 am
you see 97 is cool. 98 degrees won't be this hot today only low 90s still above normal but at least you won't be flirting with records for the next couple days temperatures regan national bumped up to 83 our overnight low 81 another morning temperature at least in washington, remained in the 80s. i think third or fourth in a row, overnight rain and pretty good rain, 77 martins burg, 77 degrees currently in haggerstown. satellite radar showers, pretty good batch as mentioned developed over southern maryland, flood warnings calvert county overnight and rain shower activity fading off to the south and east a bit of a break morning sunshine, morning haze and humidity later this afternoon see the approach of the frontal system, things will be less humid during the day tomorrow this sparks off our next best and really only
8:34 am
chance for any significant rain for the next 5 to 7 days let's keep our fingers crossed. let me mention these will get in here a little earlier, typical thunderstorms after 3, 4, 5, be ready for at least possibility of rain and slow moving and get out of here later tonight your 5 day forecast, 92 this afternoon cooler tonight, 74 your low. more heat toward the end of the week building back into the upper 90s. thursday, friday and saturday. >> let's look at the weather forecast. >> thank you. >> rebel forces with ties to al qaeda, vow they will not let international aid get through to the people starving to death in east africa, as thousands of refugees stream into ethiopia and kenya from somalia one of the hardst hit famine centers, with the latest on what is going on including relief effortwhat workers are seeing as they try to relieve the
8:35 am
deadly situation, that than i nathaniel herd. >> this is a place that is one of the hottest parts of the planet, drought is fairly common but this is different this is the worst drought the area has had in 60 years then somalia has been going through a conflict, civil war for about several decades you have not just in somalia but the region more broadly the same number of people as metro dc, los angeles and chicago combined. >> famine in somalia, drought in other countries. >> that's right. >> desperate situation indeed from world vision, what are your colleagues telling you is the situation there, just in country. >> well, people are desperate. people's animals have died, their crops have died, and now they are dying by the tens of
8:36 am
thousands they are desperate some people are two weak to move others are fleeing to other parts of somalia, fleeing to both kenya and ethiopia as well and the priority now is helping them and providing life saving aid. >> what aid is getting through almost when you hear that tens of thousands, of people effected here it is almost seeming impossible to wrap your mind around that what aid is getting through and my goodness what is needed. >> all of us have a sense of urgency the priority of life saving assistance world vision is making sure people have access to clean water, providing nutrition supplements for the most malnourished of children, but it is very heart breaking, a colleague from kenya was telling me about a family who basically gave away their 14-year-old daughter, in marriage, to someone twice her age, because they simply don't have enough food to eat very heart breaking stories. >> we always hear along with challenges of getting the aid through as far as world vision
8:37 am
is concerned, are there any major roadblocks to getting aid to those who need them. >> the biggest issue right now is just with all that is happening particularly in washington a lot of people don't know in america and elsewhere what is going on. we hope others both in the u.s. government but also, american citizens share the sense of urgency and feel moved to give to organizations like world vision to help those most in need. >> we did several years back, i forget how long ago now, we were all sort of tuned into with a was going on then i believe in ethiopia as far as with a similar situation how do we get that ground swell again. >> there is a sense people have this is the horn of africa this happens all the time this is different this is the worst drought the region has had in 60 plus years we can save lives people again have to be moved and have to be willing to in these very tough times for many
8:38 am
americans open up their hearts and wallets and give and give generously. >> the united nations involved in trying to relieve pain here, how successful as the united been in different countries rallying around what is happening. >> the un actually along with u.s. government, began warning about this situation, back last year, back in august, we also raised the alarm in may of last year so they have been telling everyone willing to listen that there is a famine it is worth noting that famine has been declared in two regions of somalia without that life saving assistance it could spread to the rest of the south. >> the world hopefully will be watching and help as galvanized the last time this happened but it is terrible to see those pictures thanks for coming in and telling us about it, nathaniel herd with world vision. >> thank you so very much.
8:39 am
>> 8:38 a.m. on monday morning up next our job of the day and let you know how we are helping those on the brink of foreclosure. more fox 5 morning news after this 
8:40 am
8:41 am
breaking news dealing with the nfl and labor situation their word the nfl and players situation reached a deal overnight as we reported
8:42 am
earlier we expected them to do that deal reached between 3 and 4 this morning nfl pa will still have to vote on this today but expected to pass they will recommend that at least the big news overnight a deal is in place now question comes down whether they can start doing football moves, tomorrow, or wednesday. one way or another they will talk football this week, aside from the hall of fame game getting cancelled the rest of the preseason right pow is training camp still on schedule. that is the latest news from the nfl alison. >> i guess we will be ready to play football. >> looks like it. >> 8:42 a.m., one of the big stories this weekend the death of singer amy winehouse. >> some are calling her the latest victim of the curse of 27. a closer look at that when we come back holly good morning. >> good porning alison i am contemplating diving in there it looks so refreshing and good but if you are looking for a great reason to come to kings dominion where we are live i have it a new promotion kicking
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>> it is now 8:45 a.m. an autopsy scheduled today on amy winehouse the five full- time grammy winner -- five time grammy winner found dead in her london apartment. winehouse long struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. joining us now, dr. lisa van sustern. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have been talking about a lot of people over the weekend saying this is club 27 all these singers who i do at age 27 a lot of people saying what a strange coincidence it may be but the bigger picture is they all die so young. >> well, they do but it is not really terribly surprising when you thing about the combination of what it takes to be a great performer, and the fact that these people are real thrill
8:47 am
seekers they are risk takers, and we do find that can go hand in hand with drug use. >> let's talk about the thrill seeking and risk taking, is there something in the body make up or the brain make up that kind of aligns this thirst i guess for success, with the thirst for excesses that some times go with it. >> there is. what we are finding now we look under the hood of the brain and technology shows us that people like this actually have kind of a blunted pleasure center, so for them to get what they need to be happy or on top of the world, is a lot more than what it takes for us, out to dinner and a movie doesn't hack it with them. >> now does that go in line with you know just their -- how much they want this success and how much they will do something to get to that point or is this a result of that and just saying keep me entertained. >> well, it is probably a combination both of that predisposition, to need more to
8:48 am
get what they want, and then they are extremely skilled and secondarily this thrill seeking need drives them to go out there, and also, they have success at a very early age, and we have so many examples of people who don't know how to handle this. it makes them feel empty and depleted if it comes too early. >> when you talk about this and folks who died age 27 you can go back to robert johnson if you want to go back that far but a lot of people associated with the late 60s early 70s with janice joplin, jimmy hendrick, curt cobane a decade ago. is that -- when you look at that and these people are young you would think we would learn when we hear more and more of these it continues to happen decade after decade after decade. are people saying hey, because these are super stars they can do whatever they want. >> i think it is more the latter i think we know a lot of things we are not supposed to do but the public wants
8:49 am
something from these people and they are very eager to get the response from the public but not ready for it it makes them feel empty. they are hell bent some of them on filling that with alcohol and drugs because it feels very painful to them, at the same time. >> and it looks like based on what you are saying i think we can draw from that look if this was someone in our family that had these same problems or addictions we would treat it differently than here. it seems like we almost accept the fact that they use or abuse, any excesses, alcohol or drugs because they are famous it is okay. >> well, yes and no this is a very dramatic presentation of these problems, but we have lots of people who have drug and alcohol problems and their families really are powerless they try to intervene, try to talk to them but are not really very effective i have no doubt a lot of people help amy winehouse but the problem is she was resolute she was an independent person from a very
8:50 am
young age she was probably very kiss miss sieve of them. >> if you have -- dismissive of them. >> if you have someone like that -- look her claim to fame was a song called rehab she made the headlines for checking out of rehab or not wanting to go in can you do anything at that level? >> it is tough her behaviour is being reinforced by the fact that we are very interested in her excesses so for her performances which are in a way a form of excess otherwise they wouldn't be very entertaining this reinforcement and then the bad behaviour really does make for a person who is resolute in some of those bad behaviours. >> very tough to change. >> very tough and we don't want to make any -- draw any claims that all musicians deal with this but there are some but it is very rare. tough situation over the weekend touch to figure out alison back to you.
8:51 am
>> big loss at the end of the day thank you. holly morris taken a road trip to kings dominion where fox 5 is part of a great program benefiting susan g komen for the cure organization good morning i wouldn't blame you if you jumped into that beautiful pool behind you there the pond >> i know it is so refreshing the park is not open yet do you thing they would notice? >> go for it. >> they might notice they are gearing up for a very special day here at the park you are right it has everything to do with helping fight breast cancer calling it happiness is a cure kings dominion is teaming up with susan g komen for the cure and over the next few weeks they have several things going you can be a part of while you are here having fun at the park you can help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer one in eight women, this year will be diagnosed with breast cancer but at the same time in the year 2010 there are 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the u.s. out there and they are there in part because of the
8:52 am
work that susan g komen has done and continues to do. pat jones vice president gm of kings dominion she joins me in pink. >> thank you for being here you are in your lovely pink as well. >> we are all supporting the cause this is an example how you can come out have a great day with your family but make a difference in the process. >> absolutely kings dominion is all about families we celebrate families as you said earlier, families and individuals are always effected whether it is a sister, mom, aunt, folks -- it just effects their family three people in my family have been effected by this it is a good causeway to come out and have fun and aid a big cause and hopefully find a cure. >> if you are going to come to the park any way why not pick a day where it is going to be for a good cause as well let's talk about all the fun that is available at kings dominion. >> that is what we do here all about fun, family fun we have 100-acres of roler coasters,
8:53 am
water pack you want to come out, it has been a hot couple weeks, 28-acres of water parks, rides and attractions to cool you down if you are in for the thrill, 15 roler coasters, intimidator 305. >> yes, fear is not a factor for me pat. >> for the wee ones, the driving school something for everybody out here. >> you have the snoopy starlight spectacular. >> big dog i apologize for not bringing that up. snoopy has his snoopy starlight spectacular an over a million lights that goes on after dark it is an absolutely brilliant show fun for all the family >> you called him big dog but i think that is big dog. >> well, you know this is his icon. >> very good. thank you both. and i want to tell you, a couple ways first and foremost your admission if you get it online not at the door but online $20 less and every ticket sold will go towards
8:54 am
susan g komen for the cure also they are selling little plastic snoopies to help win a car get them online or here at the park. jessica barns is director of volunteer development you must be excited about all that is going on here. >> we are this is our first time partnering with kings dominion we are excited so far. >> everyone is able to buy shirts or snoopies to throw in the fountain raise this money 75% works here. >> yes. >> in the area. >> yes. >> at the same time you can let people know there are ways to volunteer. >> we have a very small staff at komen there are so many ways to get involved we rely heavily on volunteers to help us reach our mission of a world without breast cancer and there is ways to do that from volunteering at the race for the cure volunteering at events like this, kings dominion to education events our volunteers are education army trying to let people know the importance
8:55 am
of early detection. >> that makes the survivor number keep going up. >> exactly. >> we have a link to kings dominion coming up in our next hour the official kick off we will put those first snoopy's in the fountain you can see it live. we will continue to have good news come your way after the break. stay with us [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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>> sarah is back she joins alison to take us to 10:00 a.m. >> thank you so much here is a look at stories we are follows for the 9:00 a.m. hour we continue to follow a developing story a 7 month old baby taken from his baltimore home friday has now been found alive and well, in the district. more on where police found that baby and the latest on the teen analler accused of take -- teenager accused of taking him. >> commode january and actor paul riser starred on the big screen now showing off musical talent, the talented voice he has teamed up with later to talk about their latest music project. and speaking of music a major request, okay, alley gould was asked to perform at the royal wedding we know why she joins us to talk about it and perform for us. >> we are all about the music. musical monday. >>

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